Saturday, March 30, 2013

Costa Rica Project Photos

As promised, here are some photos of my trip to Costa Rica, showing a little bit of what we did.  Patrick, one of the team members, was an amazing photographer and took all these pictures and then took the time to add a Bible verse to each one.

This is the EMI team from the States (and Canada).  There were 16 of us altogether, including the planner's family, who accompanied him.

This is the little cabin where three other team members and I stayed.  It was cozy but worked.

Each morning, Dan, the project leader, led a coordination meeting where laid out our goals for the day and made sure everyone was on the same page.

We had a team devotional time each evening, which was good to keep everyone focused on God and build fellowship.  Here we are singing some choruses.

This is the room where we worked most of the time.  This was a planning meeting at the beginning of the week.  The architect and planner are on the left discussing the YWAM's dreams with their staff, seated on right.

This is the EMI team exploring the site on the first day.  I am wearing the funny khaki hat to keep the hot Central American sun from beating down on my face.

One day most of us went on a field trip to check out local materials and construction practices.  Here we are at a masonry building going up...
 ...and a "hardware" store looking at pipe.

This is the planner and I discussing aspects of the projects.  As you can see, I am proud to represent Nebraska in a group from all over the country.

Here is a sketch the planner made about halfway through the week, laying out some housing on the site that will be in YWAM's future plans.

Here are some sketches the architect of the building toward the end of the week.

EMI had 3 interns that are with them for 6 months at a time.  Andrew was the intern assigned to me and here we are working on the project.

On Friday night, we gave a presentation to the YWAM staff and several guests including YWAM board members and financial supporters from the States.  The architect and planner did most of the talking but here is me pointing out the grading and drainage aspects.

At the end of our presentation, the group all raised hands toward the presentation depicting YWAM's future plans and asked God to bless it/them.

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