Saturday, August 27, 2011

Beauty for beauty's sake

Why do we have sunsets? Do they have some great purpose? If we didn't have sunsets would the earth cease to function?

Why are there so many flowers? Surely a few different varieties would provide the enough substance for the bugs and animals that eat them?

Why create vistas that make you want to weep? Or glorious night skies that silence you in awe?

God is the original author of 'Beauty for beauty's sake'.


Kristen Elizabeth Lee said...

Great post and such a wonderful blog!

I was reading your love story and I am interested in using it on my purity blog. When I became engaged back in 2009, I began a blog where I used various portions of wedding planning to pertain to salvation. Now I am keeping it up with posts on purity, modesty, and also stories of those who have allowed God to have control of their love life. I hope you will go take a look and get back to me. Blessings to you and your beautiful little family!

Anonymous said...

Oh such expressive writing nearly moved me to tears. Did you come up with it? It is good to know we serve a God who makes things beautiful just for beauty's sake.
Ra for the Grady's
P.S. Sorry for slacking on comments.

The Grady Family said...

Arrgghh. I left a lovely comment and it didn't post. Thank you for all the lovely reminders in the post. It's nice to take time to enjoy big and small things.
Ra for the Grady's
P.S. Sorry for the slacking in commenting.