Sunday, June 5, 2011

Chapter Seven: The last chapter...

In which our rather exhausted heroes drive like mad men to make it home, but not with out religiously observing a stop any true Nebraskan feels called to make... the Sidney Cabela's!

Elsie was ecstatic when we pulled into the Cabela's parking lot. We'd be trying to explain the trip schedule to her, telling her that we'd go home after we had seen the 'big animals'. In her desperation to be back home horses and cows along the road had become 'big animals'.

I think the enjoyment of seeing the grizzly and elephant was sweetened by the thought that she would be sleeping in her own bed that night [smile]!

A very friendly Cabela's lady gave all the little people stickers. Edmund immediately ate his, and Yelena spent the rest of the trip home occupied in trying to get hers off. When we tucked the beanies in their own beds at midnight it was still attached [smile]!

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Anonymous said...

Home, the only place to truly relax!