Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The long awaited day!

Three years ago we talked about this day - thinking it would never come. Now, 37 credits, 12 classes and 6 semesters later, my husband is graduating again! This time it's with a Master's Degree of Science in Civil Engineering.

The entire family turned out to bear witness to Caleb's accomplishment - making the long drive down to the UNL campus, in Lincoln. Now that's love for you!

The graduation was only for the Masters and Doctorate students - so the crowd was smaller than it had been for the undergraduates' ceremony.

The graduation was relatively quick, but we still had to wait through the traditional interminable reading of names [smile].

It was finally Caleb's turn to go up and receive his diploma. We all cheered very loudly, of course!

After the audience was dismissed we hunted Caleb down and got a family picture. We ended up having to enlist the aid of a total stranger to take it. There were so many of us the poor lady had to back up almost the entire width of the stadium ramp to fit us all in the picture [smile]!

Happy people glad to be out of the stadium seat and in the fresh air once again!

Congratulations Caleb! We are so proud of you!
God has blessed your diligence and hard work - helping you to finish strong. May you always use your talents and knowledge for His glory!

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Anonymous said...

What degree did Caleb graduate with? Congratulations!