Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

On a whim we broke out a box of chalk Sunday evening - while people were still in their church dresses. Looking back that might not have been the wisest thing I've ever done. But then again the next day was wash-day [smile!] And in the long run what are a bunch of chalk smudges compared to the memories we made?

Yelena wasn't interested in drawing, so much as she was in amassing chalk 'to hold'. Ehbit spent his time watching Yelena like a hawk and making a grab for any chalk that came too close.

Elise and Daddy made a very artistic team.

Yelena seemed magnetically drawn to the center of whatever I was drawing at the time. I have a lot of half finished masterpieces out on the driveway, because Yelena scooted over to them faster than I could finish them. You should have seen the rainbow hues on her little pink bloomers!

Here's wishing our fabulous mothers and grandmamas a wonderful rest of their special day! We love you so very much!

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Anna B. said...

Way too cute!!! And I so totally love the last picture!!! And my lil' man...Awww...give him a million kisses for me!