Friday, May 13, 2011

Dandelions are good for something after all...

Daddy took Elise to the library, so we sat out in the yard to await their return.

Yelena kept busy by picking every dandelion puff and blowing the fuzz off - or having me do it [smile.]

Only an occassional bird or neighborhood dog could distract Yelena from her self-imposed mission of ensuring that our yard would be covered in dandelion plants for many years to come.

"Where did it go?"

When Elise got home she wanted in on the picture taking - but she wanted Daddy in the picture too.
"Daddy, COME!"


Anna B. said...

Wow! I think they get cuter every time I see pictures! And nice job with the pictures, Abby! SO DARLING!

The Grady Family said...

Professional pictures...definitely.