Thursday, June 2, 2011

Chapter Four:

In which our heroes are exposed to dangers that run rampant in the outdoors - indifferent camp food and sunburn.

We were going to take it easy after all the hiking the day before, a happy breakfast and trip to the park...

Elise and Yelena waited patiently for the pancakes to be ready.

Caleb, Elise and Yelena played 'Pooh-sticks' while waiting for me to clean up breakfast.

'Pooh-sticks' is a fabulous game in which two sticks - or in this case two left-over pancake bits - are dropped on the up-stream side of a bridge. The players then run to the other side to see whose bit comes out first. It's usually easier to play if you use sticks - there were several times when the water logged pancake didn't come out the other side [smile]!

Poor Edmund looked like a little sausage in a swing, but he did seem to enjoy himself.

It's been years since I've been on a swing - although between giving pushes, and admiring Elise going down the slide - I didn't really get to swing very long!

Elsie was a natural - she and Daddy had a lot of fun together [smile].

It was a rather overcast day, so you can imagine my surprise when we all started turning pink that afternoon. I guess even overcast sun reflects off gravel and give sun burns!

My handsome man!

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