Friday, June 3, 2011

Chapter Five:

In which our heroes undertake a brief expedition into the halls of learning, and the elder two at least return greatly benefited and edified.

If any of you end up in Ft. Robinson, I would highly recommend the camp's museum. The displays were very well put together, and kept the attention of two year old and twenty-six year old alike [smile].

The following exhibit cracked me up. It told what happened when Ft. Robinson became home to several thousand people - soldiers and families - after WWI.

The placard next to the picture explained that sanitation was becoming a big problem at the fort - animals were running amuck. The problem became so acute that Major G. Henry issued the following warning to pet owners.

"To properly train these animals in respectable ways all violators will be taken up and placed in the pound, from which they can be taken by owners on payment of $2 for a dog and $1 for a cat. The owner must be notified , and if not claimed at the end of 24 hours they are to be shot (not the owner)."

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