Saturday, April 30, 2011

An exciting new offer!

... It came in the mail - an offer too good to refuse! A seven day Alaskan cruise - touring glaciers - or a twelve day tour down the coast with guaranteed sightings of wild life.

"Which one to choose... which one, which one..."

"Do you see the price tag Yelena? I don't think you could afford this. Unless of course you took your savings of $ 19.25 out of the bank and then hit up your dad for the rest....

I'm not advising that you do that of course, at the rate you're earning money you'd be in debt to him till you were 67."

[Profound silence]

In desperation Yelena decides she'll save up the needed amount by couponing. It may be a long hard road but she'll get there, one free can of Beanie Weenies at a time.


Esther Beasley said...

Oh my word she is so cute! Love the little flower Abby! :)

Mikala said...

That little headband is so cute :-)

Anna B. said...

Adorable! Love your commentary! :)

Marjo B said...

Abby...I wanted to tell you that you are an example to me of what a godly, sweet young lady should be! I am 19, and that is what you were when you were married, right? I can't imagine being married now, so I hope to quickly become more mature and sweet like you seem to be from what I've read!
Happy Mother's Day- your children are so sweet!