Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Market to Market Relay

A few weeks ago, myself and seven other people of somewhat questionable sanity, ran a relay race from Omaha to Lincoln. 84 miles over flat (HA HA) Nebraska from the Old Market to the Hay Market via bike trails, gravel roads, Hwy 31, the pedestrian bridge across the Platte (I got to run that part!), more gravel and sometimes paved roads, MO-PAC trail, and O St. Each runner ran twice or three times, switching off at 21 designated exchange points some of which were parks, some were small towns, and some were just gravel road intersections.
I ran three legs totaling over 13 miles of very unflat terrain. The next two pictures show exchange zones. It was an exhausting day but very fun. We'll have to do it again next year.

Tommy is in the green waiting for Lindsay to come through.

I'm about to take off for my next leg (I'm in the gray shirt) as soon as our runner arrives.

The team at the end of the race waiting for our last runner.

Phillip ran the last leg of the race - the team joined him to run across the finish line.

We were always not far from Wii Fit, a team dressed up as Mario Brothers characters. They ended up beating us by 3 minutes.

Our team coming across the pedestrian bridget from Haymarket Park in downtown Lincoln. We finished 46th of 238 teams.

Thanks to Mom's offer of a ride all of my girls got to be there at the end to cheer on the team!

Once the excitement of seeing Daddy running wore off, Elise wasn't interested in the proceedings any longer. Her attention was fully occupied by collecting small green ball-like plant bits (how's that for technicality for you) and stuffing them in the binocular bag.

And finally, the team, with our finishing time. That equates to 7:47 miles on average for those of you not mathematically inclined. Good work, team; can't wait til next year.

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Joshua said...

Nice, I'll have to join you guys this year.