Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Outback Steakhouse Run

This year Caleb ran in the annual Outback 5k/10k Run. He was running the 5k...

... and as it turned out so was the whole Creighton basketball team! Talk about a surprise! Even their new coach was there. After the race the team signed posters for everybody -
Evidently it's tradition for the Creighton team to support and run in this race. Esther has declared she is coming next year [smile]!

The highlight of the race for Elise was her balloon [smile].

As the course was mainly on the Keystone Trail, the girls and I stayed in the parking lot and cheered on the runners as they left, and then again, 18 min. later when the first 5k runner showed back up.

Caleb came back through with a time of 22:00 - he finished eighth over all!


Charity U said...

I love the last picture of Yelena! She is SO sweet! (-:And congratulations to Caleb for coming in 8th!

Wittmania said...

Creighton has a basketball team? (Just kidding...)

Good job, Caleb!!!