Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Flower, flowers everywhere!

I did the wedding flowers for Micah and Esther's wedding - with a great amount of help from my dear family.

Hannah was my main flower helper, but for some reason she was the only one who could trick Yelena into eating, so she did double duty [smile]!

Tootsie came and played nanny, spending most of her day pushing the girls around the vast church kitchen on one of the many trollies.

The kitchen got prettier and prettier as the day went on - with the fruits of our labor scattered where ever there was counter space!

Trimming the stems on the bouquets to get them ready for pictures.

Anna the official bouquet holder!

Official pictures of all our floral efforts will be posted on my floral blog soon:


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Charity U said...

Beautiful. I LOVE the colors of those bouquets. (sp?) (-: