Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Settler's Tournament

This was the thirteenth Settler's of Catan tournament. Kudos to our favorite 'cellist (that apostrophe was just for you Rick!) for arranging everything and figuring out all the stats.

Some of us were serious about playing the game...

...playing so hard they had to take a nap to recover :-)

But as is the case at almost every party, some people came only for the food!

Round #1 wins were marked down on the score sheet...

...and Round #2 was dived into with gusto!

... Well, most people dived into Round #2 with gusto... some were slightly distracted by the shiny Apple.

Abby was the self proclaimed "Official Kibitzer" - since she did not have points to lose :-)

Elise was the first to notice that Anna was only one point away from winning her second game of the day...

Anna played down the last cards that enabled her to build the winning settlement, netting her a tournament victory. An honor that she shared with her brother John, who had also won his two games...

Yelena felt that Anna's success was largely due to Yelena having drooled over the cards in the second hand of the last game - tired out by using such extreme measures to help a relative she relaxed with her sister and listen to 'Are You My Mother?'

In the end a lovely tournament was had by all! Here's looking forward to Catan XIV!

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EmanoVa said...

what a lovely family you have !! God Bless You All ^_^ ..