Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How to play football at a basketball game...

On Monday night we got to watch Joe's game against Central Bible College with the Beasleys. It was a great game - with a nail-biting last couple of minutes that eventually led into overtime. The Royals ended up loosing by four, but they put up a good fight.

Elise was in seventh heaven - she had a captive audience - three rows of doting relatives and friends who would give her anything she wanted, and who laughed at all her little tricks. What more could any little girl ask for :-)

John gave her a football at half time, and she gave us our own little half time show! The first pass was a little tricky...

... and the second one just kept right on going!

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Leah Lombardi said...

Oh, your daughter is soo cute! =)

I was browsing your archives the other day, and, Abby, your wedding dress is soo gorgeous and modest. Did you get it at Eternity Bridal?

Your story was a real inspiration to me. God bless y'all