Sunday, August 30, 2009

Worlds of Fun Home-School Day

Every year we go to the Worlds of Fun, the girls have an official color - to make us less 'lose-able' :-) This years color was hot pink!

Caleb could not come with me so Aaron, bless his sweet heart, volunteered to be my ride buddy!

This is my ride-buddy looking sad because they would not let me on the 'Fury of the Nile' because I was pregnant... we're still not quite sure why. You'd think a tame water ride would be fine :-)

After lunch we let our food settle, and avoided the roller coasters - doing instead all the smaller things that tend to get passed over, like the bumper cars!

The 'Rip Cord' is one of those in the category of 'Generally passed over', but that most certainly isn't because it's smaller! Two massive towers fixed with cables that haul you in a harness up 200' and then let you free fall. It looked cool, but I still don't know what possessed Aaron into trying it :-)
He talked Anna and Phillip into doing it with him... well he talked Anna into it. Death defying recklessness must be a male thing, because Phillip volunteered :-)

Here are the harnessed people waiting for their turn.

Being lowered to terra firma!

At the end of the day the older ones started bowing out of the more 'exciting rides' - prefering to take pictures instead of getting motion sick :-)

Here are the darling pickles on the way home, all wound up from the ice cream their dear brother got them! We had to slip sedatives in their pop before they conked out :-)


Anna B. said...

Whew...just watching the video makes me scream all over again:) Talk about extreme terror and then pure joy within seconds....*smile*
Thanks for posting Abby!

The Grady Family said...

I love that last picture! You were a stinker to take the picture, but such a nice stinker we can't stay mad at you for long!!! I wonder that Anna is not mortally embarassed by it:)