Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Norfolk YMCA Triathalon

This past fall I decided to try some swimming over the winter to keep myself in shape when it was too cold or snowy to run. So of course to keep myself motivated I had to have a goal to pursue. Enter: A sprint triathlon. Josh and I entered the Norfolk YMCA triathlon, a 500 yd swim, 10 mile bike, and 2.5 mile run.

This was a pool swim we had to wait our turn to get in the pool. It was based on your registration date so we were a ways down the list.

I set a personal best of 10:58 on the swim and then rushed to pull on my socks, shoes, shirt, and jacket (it rainy and windy and fairly cold). If I do more triathlons, my transition must improve because it was horrible.

Josh finished the swim shortly after me because he started later.

I biked in my running shoes and Josh had his biking shoes so I just hung up my bike and ran off while struggled to change shoes. We managed to come into the transition area together.

Josh also flew through the run and placed 1st in our age group.

I also had a decent run time and finished with 1:08:20 for everything. I was 4th in our age group. I was happy with my times but compared to everyone, I was quite slow.

Abby and Elise came to cheer us on. Elise was showing off her Husker hoodie along with her cute baby looks.

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