Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day Seven (or was it Eight?) - Trip to Washington D.C.

It's tradition that when ever you're in D.C., you have to talk the walking tour of the monuments. Caleb had never been to all of them, so I had the very rare pleasure of knowing more about where we were going than he did - for once in my life!

We came out at the Metro station next to the Smithsonian Castle and walked down the Mall, past the Washington Monument to the new WW II Memorial.

We walked down to the end of the mall to see the Lincoln Memorial...

Despite the beautiful sky in the pictures, it was less than beautiful temperature-wise! When you were out of the wind it was great, but other wise the chilling breeze cut right through your layers, making you wish you'd decided to stay inside and rent a movie :-)

Elise was in layers and layers of blankets - she was our little pink cocoon!

We walked all the way around the beautiful Tidal Basin, stopping briefly at various small gardens and monuments dedicated to soldiers and great statesmen, but the Jefferson Memorial was our goal, and we finally reached it, despite all the distractions :-) A fitting end for our tour...


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