Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day... (Oh, dear - I think I lost track!) - Trip to Washington D.C.

The last Saturday we were in D.C. Dan came up to spend the day with us.

Saturday was alot brighter than the previous few days had been :-)

Caleb - bless his heart - went to stand in line at seven in the morning to get tickets to go up in the Washington Monument. Dan and I met up at the house where we were staying and took the metro down town to meet Caleb. We hung out until our tour at ten.

The view was great - we saw Marine One and it's two escorts come to either pick the president up or drop him off... No one could quite tell - although, heaven knows, we certainly watched long enough :-)

When we'd had our fill of heights, we set off to the National Archives to see the Declaration of Independence. That was the longest wait we had in a line anywhere. Well over an hour to file through the room where they kept the documents. Elise kept herself occupied watching the sparrows with the greatest fascination.

One of my personal favorites that day was walking down 'Embassy Row' - a large portion of street totally occupied by various countries' embassies. Caleb could look at the flags and tell us which country was represented - he even knew the obscure flags that belonged to countries I had never even heard heard of :-)

Greece had my favorite embassy.

On our way home after a great day!

Elise enjoyed the Metro as much as we did!

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