Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day Six - Trip to Washington D.C.

(Caleb is writing this post)
We realized that Manassas, VA was not far from the DC metro area, and since I am an avid Civil War student/historian we ventured forth to the battlefield where the Confederates twice routed the Federals. 

The park is very well kept and in a pretty part of the country.  We went on a 1-mile walking trail around the grounds of the 1st battle of Manassas.  (There is a 4-5 mile trail as well but we had a baby with us, and since we were a little tired ourselves that was a good enough excuse :-)  There was plaques and monuments at various places telling what happened at the different sites.  One could easily reconstruct what happened in one's mind.

The monument below stood at the approximate spot where then-Col. Thomas J. Jackson was given his infamous nickname "Stonewall" as his Virginians were withholding the primary thrust of the Union army while most of the Confederates were fleeing.

 I would highly recommend the park for any Civil War and general history fans who are in the area. Get out of the car, and stretch your legs in one of the loveliest parts of Virginia!

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Colin said...

Thanks for sharing!
I drive down that way, to Fairfax, every Thursday of the school year for ROTC, but have never actually visited the battlefield...I should, and perhaps I shall next year. Patrick Henry College is so situated that I don't have a good excuse not to... :-D