Friday, April 3, 2009

Day Five - Trip to Washington D.C.

Caleb: I attended the Nebraska Breakfast.  Senator Ben Nelson and Congressmen Lee Terry, Jeff Fortenberry, and Adrian Smith were all present.  Senator Mike Johanns was still recovering from surgery.  It was nice to see a more casual side of our representatives.  Nelson and Terry traded House and Senate jokes back and forth.  There was about 40-50 Nebraskans there and each was introduced by their congressman.  I thanked them for their work and asked them to try and balance the budget and vote against any government health care bills.  I would recommend anyone visiting Washington, DC to attend the Nebraska breakfast.  It is held every Wednesday morning while Congress is in session.

Abby: We had a 12 o'clock tour of the Capital Building, but a sweet information lady let us sneak into an earlier tour! While it was great to be in the capital, I wouldn't say that the tour was the most comprehensive :-) We saw only three of the rooms, a theater for a lengthy video, and a very nice stairwell. I understand that they can't let massive amounts of people wander around in really important parts of the building...

Since we got into the earlier capitol tour we were able to make it to the only tour of the Library of Congress that day.

I love the Library of Congress - it's one of my favorite places in Washington, D.C.


The Grady Family said...

We are glad you and Caleb and the ever cuter Elise got to see the place where NT2 was filmed. Did you look for the President's secret book? ttfn

Your Ever loving family

Caleb and Abby said...

No they had that level entirely cleared for restoration :-( Everything was gone!

Anna B. said...

What a handsome young man and adorable baby! And Yay! a picture of the three of you together adding more beauty! Who took that picture?

Mom Beasley

Anna B. said...

Elise is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! love, stephen