Saturday, January 10, 2009

Trip to Texas I

We had a wonderful Christmas/New Year's holiday season.  It was good to have Dan back for Christmas and we spent lots of time with both families.  We did some bowling for Mom's birthday on the 27th.  We also got a good game of Axis & Allies in.

Over New Year's Abby, Elise, and I traveled to Texas to see the stallions, the guys I went to Ukraine with, and my aunt and uncle who live in the Dallas suburbs.  Abby is going to post a few pictures when she gets around to it, but I wanted to make a post of my own while I have time.

On New Year's Day, Nebraska won the Gator Bowl over Clemson 26-21.  We watched it with Uncle Mark and Aunt Cathy and Elise was dressed in her Nebraska cheerleader outfit.  :-)  Uncle Mark took Abby and I golfing at their neighborhood's private course.  Abby did very well for her first time and I thought I did well for not golfing since the last trip to Texas 2 years ago.

On Saturday and Sunday we spent time with the guys.  We went bowling Saturday evening and then to dinner at either Chipotle or some Asian place.  Sunday afternoon/evening we hung out at the Rhoades who cooked a fabulous dinner.  We relived our summer in Ukraine and caught up with one another.  It was great trip with great fellowship.  Y'all gotta come up north some time.

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Dan "the man" Beasley said...

Sounds like you had a blast! I think I would pay to see Abby golf : )