Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Years Bowling

Bowling with the Ukraine guys was so great - it was a lot of fun to see everybody again. I had only met them once - and rather briefly- at our wedding, so it was nice to actually be able to talk to them this time :-) All the guys were able to make it except for Jonathan Steele.

We had fun playing 'pass the baby' during our various turns of bowling. She liked all the attention. Well, the attention, and the lights :-)

We went out for dinner afterwards, some of us felt like Chipotle and some of us felt like Asian. But we managed to work it out in a peaceful manner, and us Chipotle people came over and joined the Asian people after we got our food :-)

Jonathan Rhodes is courting a wonderful girl named Amanda. It was a delight getting to know her that evening and then at church the next day.

Note to Betsy and Anna: 
      I am not going to put the guys' names next to their pictures like a good blogger should. I want to see if you can still name them like you used to!  

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