Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Letterboxing in Texas

You are gazing upon the face of a happy man - a happy man in 70 degree weather at the end of January!

Caleb took his girls letterboxing around the Dallas Metro area on a balmy Friday afternoon. We stopped at the Frontiers of Flight Air Museum to hunt for our second box of the day... But Elise was only interested in hunting leaves! 

Following the instructions given in the letter box clues can sometime make you a target for strange glances from people who did actually come to look at the airplanes :-)

The box was hidden in the middle of a great patch of bushes - it is a good thing I married a man with long arms!

Elise helped us stamp up - You know, I really think she's developing a knack for this kind of thing :-) Note the attachment to her trusty ink pen! 

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