Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I fear that I am begining to sound like a broken record with all of my "70 degrees" and  "balmy morning", but it was truly lovely being in a place where if there hadn't been a breeze it would have been hot!  

Uncle Mark took Caleb and I golfing Saturday morning - I hadn't touched a club since my days of sneaking out with one of my Dad's "big ones" to hit golf balls as far as I could into the corn field. Uncle Mark was kind enough to give me a comprehensive crash course, and then tell me at each hole which club would be best :-) If left to myself I could very well try a long shot with the putter!

Needless to say we ended up looking for balls oftener than I could wish - I won't tell whose ball they're trying to find here.

Elise was all ready to go golfing with us - sun shade and everything. She was most displeased when she found out we went while she was napping :-)

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The Grady Family said...

Oh!!! Elise is the darlingist baby in the entire world!

Tootsie and Betsy