Friday, September 5, 2008

Alicia's wedding flowers

I was recently given the opportunity to do the flowers for a dear friend's wedding. It was so much fun to be able to work with such lovely flowers - and in the very best company too! The day before the wedding Betsy, Rachel (and Baby!) and I took our buckets of flowers and went to the church.  We were given some space in the kitchen to work and boy did we! From 10a.m. to 6p.m. we worked on alter peices, bride's maids' bouquets and all sorts of other fun things :-)

Betsy was my ever faithful assistant - Here I have her chopping the ends off of a finished bouquet so we don't have air bubbles trapped at the bottom of the stems cutting off the flow of water.

Alicia and Justin - the happy couple :-)

The main flowers were hot pink, orange and yellow gerbera daisies and roses - buckets and buckets of daisies and roses...

I was in heaven being able to work with flowers like these!

 Every so often we'd get a 'sad' daisy :-)


Anna B. said...

I really like your face with the "sad daisy"...*smile*

bekah rehm said...

So..... Many lovely posts I find this time! It's wonderful! Thank-you Caleb, and Abby for posting so much of late! I loved all the posts! Especially the one of Caleb, and Elise entitled morning devotions! To sweet! By the way-- great job on Alicia's flowers Abby! They were lovely! Blessings to your whole family as you continue to grow in the Lord!