Friday, August 22, 2008

To Vote or Not To Vote: That is the Question

In this presidential election with no very good candidates, why bother voting? I think it is of utmost necessity that you and everyone you know go to the polls and vote for Senator John McCain (R-AZ), the most important reason is that it is a vote against Senator Barack Hussein Obama (D-IL). McCain is perhaps last Republican I would have liked to see on the ballot due to his moderate stances on many issues and frequent clashes President Bush. He is weak on immigration, has some strange economic ideas, and is not exactly the social conservative that we evangelical Christians want to support. But he is oh so much better than the alternative. I don’t think Obama for sure knows what he believes. He says one thing one day and a couple weeks later says something else. But almost everything he says frightens me from his tax plan to his government run health care to the fact that he thinks the solution to high gas is making sure your tires have the proper amount of air.

However, the most important reason you must vote for McCain versus Obama is national security and addressing the threat of Muslim extremism. As a Vietnam War veteran, John McCain will be tough on terrorism and continue our current president’s fight against Muslim extremism. B. Hussein Obama will do no such thing. He wants to bring the troops home from Iraq. Whether the left will admit it or not, the Muslim extremists are out to get us. They want to kill every single American. It is in the Koran (Quran), it is in the hearts of their leaders, and it is mission of many, many Muslim young men. Do you want a president who going to do his best to defend you or one who will barely acknowledge we are in a conflict?

So while I don’t like McCain much, I can’t stand Obama, and I do know McCain will do his best to defend his country.


Joel said...

While I have a little bit of a different perspective on the Iraq war (though what's done is done and we need to make the best of it) I fully agree -- regardless of one's views on McCain, people need to get out and vote for him.

Quite frankly, Obama comes close to scaring me, between his vague policies and elements of socialism. Despite what people say to the contrary, I think Americans would lose many freedoms we take for granted if Obama were elected. Not to mention the increase in government funding for abortion, restrictions placed on hirings in religious organizations, etc. Things would be pretty rough to say the least.

Barack Obama is not a friend of Christians, despite the smooth speech that is attracting a lot of people. While I don't know that McCain is, at least he beats the alternative.

Grace W. said...

I completely agree, Caleb. Great post...

Mike said...

I agree with your half-hearted support of McCain, but to quote Phyllis Schlafly, "The other guy is so terrible, we have to support McCain." McCain's position on the war is one thing, but Obama's pro-abortion (yes, I mean pro-abortion) stance should make this decision exceptionally clear for any Christian who agrees with God on the value of babies.

Joel said...



Kurt Hein said...

McCain has a history of stabbing conservatives in the back on almost every issue. What makes you think that he won't do it again? He can talk the talk when he needs to... but watch out! Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!

The reality is that McCain and Obama's foreign policies will be the about the same, it's only the election rhetoric that is different. There are many more people and powerful forces that dictate our foreign policy than simply the president of the United States. Obama himself has now said that the surge was a "radical success". And his choice of Biden as vice president has sealed his fate as more of the usual when it comes to American foreign policy.