Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pictures and Praises

There are a few pictures of Elise.  :-)

I am also thankful for God's timing and provision.  I had a regular eye exam (which is supposed to annual since I wear contacts now) and the doctor found an ulcer on my cornea.  Providentially it was still very small so the doctor gave me an antibiotic and it was gone within a week.  But I am so thankful that I had that exam scheduled but I don't even know what to think if it would have gotten any worse.  Praise the LORD!


Anna B. said...

Oh how cute!! She is just the sweetest little thing: ) We are also extremely happy that you eye thing is gone...although it was pretty fun picking you up for lunch and going to Taco Bell: ) lol
Nanny *smile*

ladygreen said...

How cute! She's such a doll....but where's Abby?!

bekah rehm said...

Oh....Thank you Caleb for posting pictures of your ever adorable daughter Elise! She is So.... CUTE! Though I did comment to your sister Anna the other day at church that I've noticed her hair has gotten lighter! Interesting how they change, and mature every day! PTL that you where able to get your eye thing taken care of right away! Those things can surely get out of hand when not found out immediately! Please keep the posts coming of your most adorble daugther! PTL for all the wonderful blessings he is pouring out on your life!

Love In Christ,
Bekah for the Rehm Family