Thursday, July 31, 2008

Just an Update

Hello.  Sorry for no pictures in this post but pictures isn't always the highest priority in my life and sometimes Abby takes them and she has taken some, but it didn't see any blogworthy ones right now, maybe later and hopefully sooner rather than later.

We are adjusting to life with a little baby which pretty much means less sleep and always being tired.  But most nights Elise only gets up twice so its not as bad as it could be.  And she really is a joy to have in the house.  She likes to be held and held so she can look around.  She also likes riding the car, stroller, and just being outside.

In other news, we finally got the basement organized and everything on the shelves Dad made.  Next on the agenda is the garage.  My work is going well, very busy especially the last month or so.  I finally finished up my storm sewer project at Offutt AFB that I've been working on since June 2007.  Tomorrow night is our company picnic.  Well, that's all folks, for now.  God bless!


Anna B. said...

Excuse Me! Any picture of you darling daughter are blogworthy!! I saw your basement the other day and I really liked it! We watched a movie down there too and it was very nice!!!!

bekah rehm said...

Thanks for the update Caleb! I'm always glad to find anything posted on your blog....but I agree with Anna! Any picture of your darling...adorable...cute.... and about every other word you can think of daughter is blog worthy! So never hesitate to post pictures of darling Elise! And I do hope that it's SOONER than later! You have a very lovely home! I got to see it for the first time when me, Anna, and Esther went over there the other day! I also saw the shelves in the basement....they look very nice, and it looks like the perfect place to watch a movie down there....nice, and cool!=) Anyways thanks for the update! Look forward to seeing a picture one soon!

Love In Christ,

Tobias Davis said...

Hey Caleb, congrats on the baby! William Collen (I don't know if you would remember him) just had his first, and there are a few expecting at my church. God is good!