Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Memorial Day Run

Well, we're still alive, believe it or not.  And I have some pictures.  I ran in the Memorial Day 5-mile race at Boys Town.  I had shin splints a few weeks before so was unable to get quite as much training in as I would have liked.  But I still felt pretty good.  My goal was to get under 37 minutes which I almost did.  I'm going to blame it on getting stuck behind some slow people.  :-) I finished with a 37:12, which factors out to about a 7:26-mile pace.  I finished 140th of over 1100 runners and 12th of 42 in my age group.  And I was able to have a very strong kick at the end, passing several people.  Praise the LORD for the ability to get out and run, enjoy the weather, and get some exercise.  My favorite fan took a couple pictures of me and the race.  The camera battery died so there isn't very many. :-(

This is me toward the beginning of the race.  As you can imagine, with over 1100 runners, it gets a little congested.  And unlike at Seward, you're always running near or around other people.  

In other news, we close on our house on Friday, do some work Saturday, and then move the following Saturday (6/14).

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Anna B. said...

Wow! Good job Caleb! 140th out of over a thousand people! Pretty good!