Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Our Piano Miracle

I've recently discovered this wonderful thing called Craig's List - people had told me about it but I'd never really taken the initiative to actually go and look at the site. But after Caleb found our house listing there I've been a faithful visitor, especially since I've uncovered a delightful little section labeled 'Free Items'!

We'd been thinking/praying about looking for an upright piano for some time now. Mrs. Beasley very graciously offered us the use of her little spinet-like piano until we found something permanent so the need wasn't too extremely urgent, and we were prepared to really shop around and delve into the depths of every music store in Omaha until we found the 'perfect upright' for the best price possible. But you know what they say about the best price being free!

I was on the internet one day, doing my faithful checking of the 'Free' section, when I stumbled on a post for a lovely upright piano. It had started out at a price of $250 and went progressivly down in price as the instrament remained unsold. The piano had been free for almost two weeks at that point.

With Caleb's approval I emailed the man asking if the piano was still available, and then settled back to wait for a reply, all the while trying desperately not to get my hopes up! We waited an entire week in an absolute fever of anticipation, but when Sunday rolled around and we still had not heard back from the owner we conclued that, in all probability, the piano was taken - at that point, and I don't know why we didn't do this sooner, Caleb and I prayed that if God want us to have the piano that he would prompt the man to get back with us.

The very next day we got an email from the owner saying that he had already been contacted by someone else about the piano, but they had never showed up to get it. If we wanted it, it was ours. Caleb went by the man's house on his lunch break, and pleased with the tone and apperance of the thing, he arranged to get it as soon as possible.

'As soon as possible' turned out to be that Friday, and Caleb - along with several generous brothers and friends - proceeded to pack the piano into the Beasley's trailer and deposit it in our little basement apartment.

The piano was really much heaver than it looked - if there weren't so many strong young men to help in the hauling, it would have not been happy! Alaina, Anna and I didn't do much to help them haul the piano, but we were their devoted cheering team!


Anna B. said...

We also provided snacks after it was all done!! Don't forget that!! It took a lot of work to open the chips and fill the glasses with ice....*smile*

Jacob said...

I've seen many free pianos in the Thrifty Nickel. Hence my saying: "America-- the land of the free piano."

I'm glad to know one went to a good use. :)

Peace! --Jacob

Hillary Hipps said...

It is very similar to ours. It has different decorations on the wood work, but the build is the same.