Monday, April 7, 2008

6-Month Anniversary

Yesterday was our 6-month anniversary. We celebrated by going to dinner at Ted's Nebraska Grill where we enjoyed bison burgers. They were excellent. Then we came home, watched the DVD of our wedding reception and ate the cake from our wedding. I realize you're not supposed to do that until your 1-year anniversary, but Abby didn't think the cake would be happy if it was moved so we decided to eat it at our half-year anniversary. I would include some pictures but we didn't take any pictures so you'll have to use your imagination. And you can imagine frosting on the cake because in reality most of it came off with the shrinkwrap stuff.

My basketball seasons are over with. My company team finished 4th in our 7 team league with 4-5 record. It was a vast improvement over last year because I think they only won 2 games. Now softball is going to be starting up in a couple weeks, weather permitting of course. I've also begun my running regimen for the year after taking most of the winter off. I've managed get in a few 3+ mile runs already and am really starting find my rhythm, as opposed to feeling sick after a long run. The Qwest Center is less than 2 miles away so that makes for a nice jaunt.

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Jacob said...

Congratulations, man. I'm imagining you guys licking the frosting off the plastic wrap. Cause cake without frosting is kinda pointless, right?

Peace! --Jacob