Monday, March 24, 2008

Fun KY Bits

I know most of you guys already read "The Grady Family Archives" and so probably know more about our trip than I do! But I was unexpectedly struck by the urge to blog, and needing a subject, I pulled out some fun photos of our stay with the Whites!

The White's are very big on games - chess being one of the current favorites. Joel (age 9) tried his best to teach Rebekah how to play 4-way chess, but it was a hopeless cause! She got so frustrated trying to keep how the different pieces moved straight that every game ended with her abandoning her queen in order not to prolong her ultimate defeat!  

 Emma, Rebekah, Luisa Schumann, and little Claire

I adored Luisa - she is so fun to be with! She's simply overflowing with life and fun and always the center off excitement! Luisa is part of the White's family for this school year - originally from Berlin, Germany, she's come over as part of a foreign-exchange program. The White's always have the neatest foreign-exchange students :-)

Lisa is another one of the White's awsome foreign-exchange students! She was staying at the Whites while I was there for three weeks after my graduation! It was great seeing her again. She flew in from Germany just for the wedding - there's a dedicated friend for you!

Claire is such a darling! I had to put her hair in curlers two days in a row, but I never heard a word of complaint from her - even as I combed out a collection of tangles that would make even this tough-headed individual cringe and wimper :-) She was such a sweet-heart!  

I have made so many darling friends over the course of my three or four visits to the Whites' - Christin is one of the most lovely girls - and she has the loveliest curly hair! Mom did a Sense & Sensibility twist and topped it with the pearl and diamond band for the wedding - we only wish we could look that good! 

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