Wednesday, February 20, 2008


We've just been sailing through life the last few weeks. We've gone to a couple of Creighton basketball games, spending time together, spending time with family, and the other activities that fill life up. I'm playing basketball a couple nights a week, one night with my company team, and one night with my brothers and some friends. Abby enjoys watching basketball so its not a problem.

We've starting looking for houses and have seen a couple that we're going to see the insides of. :-)

I enjoyed having a valentine this year.

Fidel Castro is no longer leading Cuba.

Bob Costas is coming to Omaha.

It was -7*F this morning, wind chill -29

And check out this baby. Homeschooling in action. I think it's a great idea for my kids.

"A man's steps are ordered by the LORD, how then can anyone understand his own way." -Pr 20:24

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