Friday, January 18, 2008

Just some things...

-Nebraska posted the fewest abortions since 1974 (apparently part of a downward trend)

-American chessmaster Bobby Fisher passed away yesterday, if you know any Chess history or have ever read about Chess, you've heard about him. He was a star of the Cold War era when he bested Soviet grandmaster Boris Spatsky.

-I don't like driving behind slow people in bad weather when the roads are mostly fine, especially when I just emerged from stop-and-go traffic through an accident zone.

-I thought I had a couple more things but can't remember them at the time. BTW, here's a link to Joe's shot:


Anna B. said...

Wow, that was pretty random! But random is not always bad.
lol or I should probably put *smile* because Abby doesn't like lol. *smile*

Rehm family said...

Hey Caleb, and Abby!

Thought I would just let you know that you have another comment down at the 1+1=3 post! So be sure to go check that out, and this post was very random by the way! LOL Okay sorry *smile*! Anyways I guess a very random post is better than no post at all! I've been so happy to be finding so many updates lately! Keep the posts coming, and may the Lords blessings continue to grace your life with peace, and favor!

The Grady Family said...

Don't you know, young man, that God is in charge of timing, and He puts slowpokes in your path on purpose! Just ask your wife or your brother Joe! Without a very slow,slowpoke, the Grady Rescue Service would have missed a golden opportunity to provide a rescue!