Wednesday, January 30, 2008

1st Anniversary (at work :-)

Today is the one year anniversary of my employment with Lamp Rynearson. I started 1/30/07 as an intern and now am full time as a project engineer. I have learned quite a bit in the last year. I envision myself working there for at least awhile.

I had my wisdom teeth out on Friday. It really wasn't that bad of an experience. I think getting wisdom teeth out is overhyped. I just local anesthesia and could barely feel anything. The worst part was having to have the gauzes in my mouth and my lips being numb. I'm still on painkiller but otherwise I'm back to normal.

I'm now busy two nights a week playing in basketball leagues. I'm on 1 team at work and another with mostly ex-Roadrunner players. It's been fun, of course. :-)

The temperature at Eppley Airfield dropped 54 degrees in 36 hours. The weather had me thinking it was spring when it was 57*F Monday afternoon. Then early this morning I was proved wrong as the mercury read 3*F. :-( Such is life in NE.


Jacob said...

Congrats on the anniversary. Must admit, at first glance, the title took me aback. :)

I just had a wisdom tooth out in December, and I agree with your sentiments exactly. Still, maybe people who get all of 'em out at once do worse? Or maybe u & i are just more macho than the crowd. :D Dunno.

Yup, gotta love that weather. You can almost see the mercury moving sometimes!

Peace. --Jacob

Preacher22 said...

Hey Caleb,

Remember me from SF 15??

Wow! Have I been out of the loop :) I was looking something up on the internet, and came across your site! I was to put it mildly, SHOCKED!!!! Praise the Lord for leading the two of you together.

Drop me an email so that we can catch up on things.

Yours in Jesus Christ,
Matt Bennett