Friday, December 28, 2007

My Comments on MMVII

A few highlights of the year:

-Hired part time at Lamp Rynearson 1/30

-Began courting Abby 3/2

-Took last final 5/2

-Graduated 5/4

-Proposed to Abby 5/4 (she said yes)

-Ran Seward 10K 7/4

-Turned 23 on 9/24

-Married Abby 10/6

-Honeymooned to NY and VT (10/6-14)

-God was faithful (throughout)

I guess I maybe had more going on than most, but it was mostly enjoyable. God is good!

1 comment:

Hillary Hipps said...

Amen to the last point! He is faithful throughout it all!