Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Faithful Servant

God has given us his word
He asked us to make him Lord
He has made us with his hands
Will we do what he commands

Chorus: Well done good and faithful servant
Will those words fall on my ears?
Will my actions that phrase warrant
For all I've accomplished here

God will grant us great success
But we must do all he says
Fear the Lord and seek his face
Persevere and run the race


Noah did all God told him to
Jonah walked with him and grew
Judah trusted him and won
Do the same till life is done


He’ll protect and he’ll provide
But how much will we deserve
If we’re faithful in the small
He’ll be faithful through it all


Click on the link to hear Caleb's song on The Grady Family Archives...

Faithful Servant


The Bontrager Family Singers said...

Your blog is wonderfully encouraging! It's so great to see a newly married couple who justs wants to serve God. I've seen your photos before on Bethany's Blog.(she's amazing (photographer))
God Bless you,
Allison Bontrager

MommyJDsPlace said...

It was wonderful seeing both of you at the Candle Light service. We talked about the two of you at some lenght afterwards, and are so very happy for you both in this adventure you are on as a couple. And Caleb all teasing aside, Joe and I wish to have you visit sometime soon. We love to have Peter and Ahslee here in our home and hope you will be able to join us! God Bless you both and may He protect you in His hands.