Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Locked Out!

It snowed this morning! Somewhere around an inch, maybe a little less. Great big flakes then becoming more like flurries. I was leaving work, heading home for the beginning of my four-day weekend, when catastrophe struck. I unlocked my car, put my lunch bag and planner in, took out my scraper, and started the car. Then I shut the door and proceeded to begin to remove the ice and snow from my windows. It completed my task and went to open the door but, alas, it was locked. As was the other door. My car's brilliant automatic locking system had caught me. I was so upset because I hadn't made a mistake or done anything wrong. I guess now I'll be sure to unlock the car or leave a door open when I'm scraping the windows. So anyway, I went back inside, wandered around the building and procured a long piece of flimsy wire. However, it was too flimsy to enter the car and be much good so I surrendered to the locksmith. He arrived 20 minutes later and it took him like all of 30 seconds to unlock the door. I guess it pays to have the right tools!

PS - Happy Thanksgiving! And in case you're wondering, Abby does have a set of keys but she doesn't have a car. :-(


Anonymous said...

Now that is frustrating! Happy Thanksgiving.

Rehm family said... update!! Sounds like it was a really Happy Thanksgiving over there!! We are so glad to hear that you made it home, safe and sound to your sweet, beautiful, accomplished, delightful, cheerful, smiling, beaming, gorgeous, and lovely wife Abby!!! LOL Keep the posts coming!

The Grady Family said...

You did not call the "Grady Rescue Service." We have envoys everywhere and as you discovered when you got home, your brother-in-law was just "hanging out" when he could have been rescuing you!

Rehm family said...

Would you PLEASE post something, anything again?!
We look forward with pleasure to whatever you post!