Sunday, October 14, 2007

Welcome Home, Honeymooners!

Caleb and Abby have spent a lovely week in upstate New least we think so. They called Josh from a sporting goods store in Geneva, New York to see if he wanted them to pick up a pair of 75% off sale skis. That is the only word from the happy couple so far. They should return tonight which is the subject of this post. We wanted them to feel loved when they returned and what could be more unwelcoming than a cold empty apartment! So a few well wishers spent two hours Saturday afternoon making their little apartment a more welcoming place, full of surprises!

We brought out cornstalks, pumpkins and mums from the wedding reception to decorate their doorstep. A note on the door reminded Caleb of the tradition to carry his bride over the threshold of their new home on their first entry together as husband and wife. Mrs. Beasley asked for the reminder because she forgot to tell Caleb about hefting brides and had no idea if he knew of the tradition. I told Abby about it, but it may be a rather awkward position to put a young bride in to ask her newly acquired husband to carry her when she has two perfectly good legs to walk! Where did that tradition come from anyway? Hopefully, it didn't come from the days of arranged marriages when the bride might run away if she didn't like her father's choice!

Don't try to hide, Alatheia. It's too late now!

We got lots of things Abby loves and some things that we didn't care if she loved because we loved them and hopefully some things that Caleb might appreciate though I don't think he's much for surprises...We did fill the fridge with practical groceries so they can eat tomorrow. He would probably like that.

When they walk in the door, the first thing to catch their eye will be the table set for two with china they received from Grandma Fern. Behind the table are two heart balloons weighted with a Hershey's Kiss. The topper from their wedding cake, still alive and in reasonably good condition acts as centerpiece. Abby made the cake topper in the wee hours of the morning of her wedding day and it was so pretty. She hardly had any time to enjoy it. The hydrengeas were supposed to die within hours of being used, but we prayed for them, and they dried beautifully and still look fresh. Alatheia and Esther folded the napkins into exotic floral designs and tucked their silver ware into another creative concoction. We put two of Abby's favorite chocolates at their places and a steak dinner in the fridge with preparation directions on the menu conveniently placed at the table.

Alatheia's gift to the couple was a romantic picture stating "Just because two people fell in love..." We had her open the gift, and hung it as a backdrop to the picture perfect table setting. The ornery girls couldn't get the picture to hang straight so when they finally got it to cooperate, they told each other and everyone else not to breath or it would hang crookedly again. Then since they weren't breathing, they fell to the floor and pretended to die saying, "All because two people fell in love..." three girls were found dead on the floor of their apartment! Such silly girls. Can't you picture the fun they were having?

Mrs. Larsen brought a plate of Abby's favorite box brownies. She was going to make homemade brownies, but suspecting Abby's love for box brownies, she ran to the store just for a gooie rich brownie mix. We made "Box Brownie Extravaganza" dessert for the hungry couple and stuck them in the freezer. Mrs. Larsen also cleaned the whole apartment right down to the bird cage CD holder. You know, Abby, you are very fortunate to still have the bird cage CD holder. Several would be music and cute household object thieves volunteered to flat out steal it...with their parent's permission of course. This was NOT given so you still have the bird cage...for now. Be on the look out for would be thieves! They are very sneaky and conniving and may innocently appear as a sister or friend stopping by for a visit!

Alatheia and Mrs. Larsen also arranged the flowers. Aren't they beautiful? We were tempted to leave them for Abby to arrange because she likes arranging better than having flowers, but considering the fact that we had no idea what time or state Abby would arrive home in, she'll just have to enjoy them as is or take them out and rearrange them at her leisure.

We brought over Abby's bedding and appointments from the bedroom she shared with Betsy. She bought a lovely double wedding ring quilt at Re Runs R Fun and we put that on the bed along with her curious wrought iron wall hanging and the princess bed sheer drape that hangs over the head of the bed. We completed the picture with mint topped doilies on the (real) pillows and two white roses artfully gracing the accent pillow (You know, the one that gets tossed on the floor. Right, Caleb?) We made various banners with interesting verses from Song of Solomon. We tried to pick the good ones...not the ones that compare Abby to pomegranites or anything like that. I imagine those will come down post haste! But her ornery mom had too much fun making them. God is really into honeymoons, and we all hope theirs will last a long, long time!

For our last surprise, Betsy and I worked on a "secret sewing project." We took a little too long, so Alatheia and Esther who obviously had too much time on their hands began to look around for ornery, yet harmless things to do. I won't tell you what they will find out soon enough. There are also good surprises, chocolate surprises hidden here and there around the apartment. Altogether, we had too much fun and hopefully, Caleb and Abby won't mind all the fun we had welcoming them home. That will be the last time Abby gives her mom the apartment key!

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