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The wedding rehearsal and dinner was Friday, October 5th. We had a full house with over a hundred expected for the rehearsal dinner. The first run through took over an hour. The students learned so well under the skillful direction of Sasha Duncan, the wedding coordinator, that the second run through took about 10 minutes.

Mr. Powers, the plumberman/opera man, sang a beautiful rendition of Josh Groban's "The Prayer" with Anna Nelson. The dramatic high notes gave me shivers!

Pastor Larry Nelson handled the actual service part of the rehearsal. He made Caleb swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth with his left hand raised and his right hand on the Bible before he said his vows! He also added the clause in the vows to buy his wife her clothes, shoes etc. which with Abby is no small thing. With many other quips and tips he kept the audience in stitches and the rehearsal moving right along.

He also kept the couple on their toes...

Music was very integral to the wedding. Besides "The Prayer," Mr. and Mrs. Beasley sang a song she wrote called "Love and Faithfulness," and the couple sang a song affectionately known as the "Abby Song" because a girl named Abby wrote it to be sung at her wedding. Mrs. Beasley found this song several years ago and bought the music even before C&A were courting so they could use it in their wedding. Abby sang her verse and refrain and Caleb sang his verse and refrain and then they sang the last verse and refrain together with harmony! Delightful!

Here are the words to the "Abby Song" or "Rejoicing in His Love" as it is officially known.

Abby: Through the years a young girl prays for her husband to be,
She prays that God will reveal Himself, and set His spirit free.
To love, believe, and walk with God, His Spirit to obey,
She asks that Truth will be his guide and keep him for her someday.

Refrain: Now she's rejoicing in His love as it flows from God above.
The one for whom she's prayed and dreamed is here for her to love.
She knows now who God's given to her, that she might understand
The love of Christ for His own bride -- she's rejoicing in God's plan.

Caleb: At the same time a young man asks that God will give to him a wife;
A woman pure, who loves the Lord, a friendship made for life!
He hopes that she will love God's Word and often that she'll pray;
For Jesus Christ to be her life and then turn her heart his way.

Refrain: Now he's rejoicing in His love as it flows from God above.
The one for whom he's prayed and dreamed is here for him to love.
He knows now who God's given to him, that he might understand,
The love of Christ for His own bride -- he's rejoicing in God's plan.

Together: Today they come to unite their hearts as one in Jesus name;
They'll give their hearts, their lives, their love; a ring to seal the same.
What once was two shall become one, that the world might see again
A testimony of the love of Christ between a woman and a man.

Refrain: Now they're rejoicing in His love as it flows from God above.
The one's for whom they've prayed and dreamed are here for them to love.
They know now who God's given to them, that they might understand,
The love of Christ for His own bride -- they're rejoicing in God's plan.

--Norm Wakefield

After the rehearsal, we headed down to the reception hall for the dinner. Mrs. Beasley had prepared the traditional rehearsal dinner of Cordon Bleu and twice baked potatoes that Nanny had made for them when they got married. The dinner was stupendous, and after Phil made us all welcome, he turned the program over to his budding lawyer-wanna-be son, Dan. If Dan doesn't make it as a lawyer, he could always do well as a stand up comedian.

The program contained lots of singing: Caleb sang the song he wrote, "Well Done Good and Faithful Servant," Abby sang, the Beasley family sang the duck call song "Family Matters," the mothers sang "Sunrise, Sunset." Annette choked up during the song! We've sung the song so many times and when it finally came down to the real thing, the emotions were just too strong to contain. The last song of the evening, sung by Dan and Anna, was a real tear jerker, "The Best is Yet to Come." It decribes a young couple's journey through life together from marriage to grandparenthood and beyond.

Dan introduced everyone and their brother. The honored guests of the evening were the "Ukraine guys" that drove all the way up to NE from TX to give Caleb a hard time. I'd tell you what they did to their poor buddy Caleb on the night before his wedding, but it's better to leave you guessing!

They look so innocent, but don't you believe it...

We played the "shoe game" otherwise known as the "expectation game," where the couple let us know if they had the same expectations of each other. For example, Mr. Grady asked the couple the question, "Who will take out the garbage?" The couple showed the potential for a big blow up someday because Caleb raised his own shoe and Abby raised her shoe. I can see it now, both of them fighting over a trash bag since both are expecting to be the one to take it out. They did better on other questions. There was no question as to who would balance the checkbook, do the driving and name the children. There was also no question as to who would call their mother the most and whose mother would call the most, right, Mrs. Beasley?

The next big game was the "Almost Newly and Oldie Wed Game." Abby and Caleb were pitted against a formidable front of old timers in both Caleb and Abby's grandparents. They also had the surprise couple, Mr. and Mrs. Grady, join the line up. We soon discovered that living together a long time does not necessarily mean you know each other that well. Maybe they quit paying attention somewhere along the way! But Mr. and Mrs. Grady were still paying attention, and gave C&A a run for their money going into the bonus tie breaker round. The old couple beat them on the bonus question "If your spouse were to compare you to a football player, what position would you be?" Abby thought she should be a "nose guard" whatever that is, and Caleb thought she should be a quarterback. Nice of him, but no points! So the Gradys win big...a gift certificate to Applebee's.

As the hour got later, several of the female members of the party left to go do nails and hair for the wedding during the slide show presentation. The "cutest in curlers" award goes to the Grady girls. Don't you agree?

We didn't leave till 10:30, but what a rich evening. I wouldn't trade a minute of it for sleep!

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