Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Brides' Maid Luncheon

Betsy was in charge of the Brides'maid luncheon by virtue of her position as Maid of Honor. She was ready to abdicate her position at the thought of being responsible for something of this magnitude! One day at piano lessons, the topic of the luncheon came up and Miss Staci who is a fount of wisdom on many topics including weddings (she has been in and played the piano for lots and lots of weddings)said, "Oh, the Brides'maid luncheon is easy. You just do hair, paint nails, eat yummy food and watch your favorite movie!" Well, Betsy could handle that so she decided not to run away from home, but go ahead and be "in charge." These kind of parties develop a life of their own so I will let the photos do most of the talking...

The girls were instructed to come in curlers! This did cause some mortification on their part when they drove by our neighbor out for a walk! Anna Beasley suddenly became 6 inches shorter as she shrunk down into her seat! I can't imagine why? She looks lovely in green sponge rollers, don't you think?

Hannah Grady: Hair by Abby

Esther Beasley: Hair by Anna Beasley

Alatheia Larsen: Hair by Alatheia Incorporated

Anna Nelson: Hair by Alatheia Incorporated

All those sponge rollers were worth it, don't you think? Their efforts paid dividends! All the girls looked lovely.

The next thing on the agenda as prescribed by Miss Staci was "eat yummy food." Betsy broke out the china and decorated the table with mums, flower napkins and skittles! The menu included Snitzle, mashed potatoes, fruit salad, and Pasta D'Parmasio (a Grady tradition!)

After lunch, Abby took the girls downstairs and gave each of them their gifts. She thought long and hard about what each girl liked and her effort paid off! That's nothing short of a miracle to please 7 girls at once! Abby tried to get Staci an audio book version of Jane Ayre and could not find one with a good narrator. She ended up spending an hour writing Staci a hilarious two page dissertation on her trials and tribulations with the money and web site address to purchase the only one she found! Miss Staci will probably treasure the letter more than the audio book! The girls got Abby the perfect gift...a bag of York Peppermint Patties and the three seasons of "Sue Thomas:Private Eye" on DVD. She was SO happy. She and Anna are already planning multiple get togethers to watch all their favorite episodes.

The next item on the agenda was "French Manicures by Alatheia." She could go into business! Staci did alot of buffing and story telling. Painting nails is the perfect forum for girls to "relate." There was more laughter, stories and general hilarity in our living room than there has been since our last game of "Killer Spoons" with the Sosebees.

And finally...the movie took care of itself since there was no other choice than to watch Sue Thomas!

What a fun, relaxing day for Abby to spend with her friends. Only three more days till the wedding.

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