Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wedding Decoration Plans

Abby has wanted a fall wedding for ages, simply because she loves fall colors. When Caleb gave her the roses in August (one for each day he would be away! How romantic!) she took the opportunity to practice the altar arrangement she was planning on doing for the wedding. The result was spectacular. Caleb got his money's worth out of those roses in more ways than one!

We met with Sasha Duncan, chief wedding coordinator, and Abi Rehm, vice wedding coordinator, for a decoration implementation meeting. Sasha and Abby operate on the same wave length as far a decorating ideas go, but to her practical mother, some of their ideas intimidate me. This meeting was set to "flesh out" those pie in the sky ideas to see if they would really work. After working with Sasha for a couple of hours, I am no more a doubter! If she has an idea, she has the wherewithall to make it happen! After some "sheet and pillar" acrobatics, she came up with the perfect plan for the backdrop for the wedding extravaganza! I'd come to the wedding just to see their decorations!

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