Friday, September 28, 2007

Soli Deo Gloria - The Latest Miracle

by Annette Beasley

Caleb received word via email earlier this week that the "Ukraine Guys"
(the guys who Caleb went to serve with on a summer missions in Ukraine the summer of 2006, actually are from Texas) would not be able to make the Rehearsal Dinner. (Two of them are ushers in the wedding and were traveling up together) One of the six young men, Jonathan Rhoades, who works at a bank, had arranged the weekend off but due to some confusion somewhere had to work. Not willing to accept this news I called Jonathan and explained we had all six of them sitting at the head table and them coming was no small matter to us. We considered them "Honored Guests". I was using as much persuasive lingo as a woman could muster without being too controlling ha!

Jonathan very respectfully and regretfully replied, "Mrs. Beasley I've tried everything. I want to be there. I did all I could do to be able to get off at 11:00 a.m. in order to get to Omaha by 10:00 p.m.
There's no way we can make it." My reply, "Well, I'm going to pray for a miracle then." He replied, "That would be good."

We did just that. I shared the request with a few others and also called Barb to present this request at Wed. night prayer meeting.
Today, while manicuring my dear mothers feet (it must have put me in a Biblical New Testament mood) I began to pray asking God to somehow let Jonathan get off work. Thinking, I'm not going to tell you how to do it, you know how. I thought about how impressed Jesus was with the man's faith who understood the authority of Jesus. Then I was moved to pray out loud, "Jesus, ALL authority has been given you in heaven and earth. Only say the word and Jonathan Rhoads will get off."

Anna, Esther and Alathia were making name cards for the head table and earlier I thought to tell them they didn't need to make cards for the six Ukraine guys but after praying I thought to myself "Go ahead and make those cards!"

Within literally seconds I heard my cell phone ring. I could not leave mom at that moment so I thought someone else could answer it or I could later check the "Missed Call" and call them back. One ring....the tune..."Hallelujah Chorus" stopped, Someone answered it, I thought.

Moments later John skipped into my room and said, "Mom, Jonathan Rhoades just called and they can make it to Caleb's reception." I jumped up and literally shouted! You know those verses about "Shout to God with cries of joy Psalm 47:1 or "Shout with joy to God all the earth" Psalm 66:1, I was applying them.

"Messenger John" after seeing his mother in this hysterical joyful state scampered off to tell the girls. Moments later distant screaming was heard and Esther came running out saying in an excited, hardly able to get the words out manner, "We just came to their names for making their cards and discussed them not coming. I prayed (outloud) God please help them be able to come!" We hooted some more together!

Grateful to an awesome God who hears all of our requests, big or small, Annette

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