Saturday, September 8, 2007

The New Apartment

Wait a minute! This is the right kitchen, but not the right person. Hannah was over helping when we dropped off the microwave. The microwave has an interesting story behind it. First, Caleb needed a microwave, so the procurement division set out in pursuit of one. We found, purchased and brought one over only to be informed that a free one had been located! We took the microwave back home, but God whispered in my ear..."Don't take it back!" I thought that rather odd and communicated what I heard to Betsy. She got this funny look on her face and said "God told me the same thing!" So we put the microwave in the garage and waited for the need for to arise. I asked God if the need for it could be soon, or I would be bound to be "questioned" on my judgement or lack thereof. God promptly answered. Three days after the microwave took up residence in our garage, Caleb called and said the free microwave turned out to be a loaner microwave until something better turned up. Well, something better was waiting in our garage. And so the Grady procurement division brought our purchase over and installed it. Oh, and by the way...nice kitchen!

They even managed to get a piano into their apartment...and it still appears very spacious.

Ahhh! The lovely cherry bar computer desk... The Grady procurement division once more went into action and found a lovely cherry wood bar with two matching bar stools at Good Will of all places. Not exactly the typical computer desk, but Caleb will find that he is marrying a girl who is not "run of the mill." (I think he already knows that!) The cherry bar is still under evaluation as a suitable piece of furniture, so we told Rebekah that she could have it if Caleb and Abby didn't want it. She was ecstatic and made all sorts of plans to have it in her room. One of her jealous sisters who shall remain nameless told her that "If you get the cherry bar, you'll have to buy your own cherries!"

Caleb came up with this creative living room arrangement so they could get the maximum number of couches into the apartment. I'm surprised that the cat pillow has such a place of prominence in the arrangement since Caleb is a charter member of the Beasley cat hater club. The favorite couch is the "Cleopatra couch" in the corner. If you want a better view, it's the one Dan is on in his famous lounging photo in the moving day post.

This room looked better the last time I saw it. Caleb makes the bed like a typical man! Notice the decorative pillow tossed to the side! This bed will be replaced by a majestic "princess bed" that Abby couldn't bear to part with for the time being. She did give him her Alaska quilt with its very bright and lively colors. We stuck the green throw over the top to tone it down a little.

The second bedroom is the guest bedroom. The little white couch folds out into a bed. Abby's rolltop desk will be coming over to take up residence in this room a little closer to the actual wedding. This room also has some lovely closets which Abby has very creatively packed. I'm amazed at how organized she can make a closet look. If you're challenged with disorganized closets, I'm sure you could hire "Abby's Creative Closets" consulting services!
Caleb and Abby have alot of books between the two of them. We learned at the shower that Caleb's favorite activity is reading a book. Why am I not surprised!

The laundry area is in the hallway between the kitchen and the second bedroom. Mr. Beasley made some shelves that fit in the closet behind the washer and make good use of every bit of space found therein. If you stop in, ask to look at their Mr. Beasley designer shelves. You'll be impressed. Maybe he should subcontract with "Abby's Creative Closets."

O, send out Thy light and Thy truth, let them lead me.
Let them bring me to Thy holy hill and to Thy dwelling places...

Psalms 43:3

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