Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Moving Day

Addendum: ( I think these are supposed to come at the end, but since I'm adding it later and no one ever checks the end, I'm adding it to the beginning!) Plus, it is God's hand moving in this situation and He deserves tht spot at the top!

Caleb thought long and hard about the decision of when to move in. He could wait till October and save the $535 rent. The landlords were friends and would let him do that. Or he could move in in September and get the lease started early so they could find a house and move out earlier. Plus holding houses for potential renters even if they are friends is not really fair to the landlord. He opted to do the honorable thing and move in in September, paying the full rent for the month. In confirmation of his decision, God via Caleb's work gave him a bonus which was enough to pay for the first month's rent. Good God honoring choice, Caleb.

A righteous man keeps his word, even to his own hurt...

Now to the feature article...

Caleb and Abby moved their stuff into their new apartment over Labor Day weekend. What an adventure. I liken it to"playing house" for Abby. Caleb came on Saturday morning to sign the paperwork and help us unload the kitchen items and Abby's prepacked boxes...did I mention how long they've been packed for...I don't know where we kept all this stuff, because it only took up residence in the garage somewhat recently. The van was entirely full except the small space that Betsy was in. (See photo below) The driver's seat was also unoccupied, but Abby had to hold stuff on her lap to get it all to fit.

We arrived at nine and who should show up but Caleb and Abby's first visitors! I think Betsy was stuck in that small space just a bit too long!

The Larsen's took a quick tour and left us with a most welcome house warming gift...a plate of freshly baked box brownies...Abby's favorite. (She doesn't like them if they've been healthified!)

We unloaded for quite a long time. That van can hold a lot of stuff. You can get a pretty good idea from this photo of how densely packed the van was if you look at the van verses the people! Plus, it was just Betsy, Anna and I unpacking the van because Caleb and Abby had to go officially meet the landlord, get keys, sign papers etc.

Abby got right to unpacking the kitchen. Another miracle of this courtship...I told Caleb that Abby is allergic to moving. I think it's the dust and mold that grow in packed boxes, especially ones that have been sitting in a garage full of dry wall dust. She literally sneezes till she can't stand up anymore and then she gets huge nosebleeds. Caleb nonchalantly stated, "Well, I'll pray that God heals her." He must have prayed because she hardly sneezed at all. Unless she's been faking all these years, that was a HUGE miracle. I hope some day she does sneeze for a move so he can truly appreciate what God did for him!

She had plenty of able bodied help in Anna and Betsy. When they weren't unpacking though, they were either dancing or wrestling over things Betsy wanted and Abby had claimed as her own! This was not your typical everyday move.

Wrestling over a pillow!

Then what to our wondering eyes should appear but Mr. Powers with pickup and a table and chairs... sorry that almost rhymed, but not quite! Visitor #2 was the ever welcome Mr. Scott Powers, plumberman extraordinaire! He was on his way to watch the football game and thought he'd stop in to greet the happy couple and give them a little well deserved harassment!

Caleb was very happy about his newest don't's an electronic baby. He got his latest, greatest, 2 gig of RAM "iMac" in the mail the day before they moved in. He was one proud much so that certain sisters got their heads bit off when they dared to touch the remote! None of the rest of us dared touch it. We left Caleb in peace to enjoy his new toy!

Monday, 3 Sept 2007

Monday was the furniture move. Caleb and Abby own more than their fair share of furniture. Everyone has been extremely generous with them. His brothers made short work of moving things in. It's amazing the difference a little muscle mass can make. It took the girls and I over an hour to get the furniture in the van, and it took them about five minutes to get the furniture in the house.

After all this strenuous moving, the masses called for food. Mrs. Beasley had graciously volunteered to bring lunch which she did at 10 a.m. No one really noticed how early it was, and lunch was roundly appreciated as well as all the couch space on which to lounge. Right, Dan!
The talk centered on cats and how Beasleys hate Abby could ever keep a pillow like this in her house with Caleb in residence there Alaina (Josh's girl) loves her cat and how Josh is hoping for its early demise. Then Mr. Beasley told stories about buying gifts for his wife which were hilariously funny, but probably discouraged all the young men present from ever even trying to buy a gift for their wife. The moral to that story was, "Always keep the receipt."
This was definitely not your average move!

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