Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Indian Cave

I can remember the last four years of "Indian Cave." Caleb and his family went to Indian Cave for his 20th birthday. In Caleb's estimation, Indian Cave was the prettiest spot in Nebraska.

Two years ago at Indian Cave...

The next year, Caleb and Abby went on a hike while Aaron had his mountain bike race there. They took their picture in the same spot this year and two years ago, but there is a bit of difference in the "discrete distance" they put between each other from this year to that!

The next year, the bike race at Indian Cave was rained out. He came out to the Grady's for his birthday instead and received the scrapbook Abby put together of his adventures in Ukraine.

Indian Cave did factor significantly in their relationship even though they didn't make the trek down. In a conversation with Caleb about Indian Cave, God gave Abby her second "sign" confirming Caleb was the man for her.

This year at Indian Cave...

This year, Caleb took Abby down to Indian Cave for some serious hiking. The weather was deliciously cool with the leaves just beginning to change. They knocked out a quick three mile loop in the morning. Picnicking in a delightful spot with a gorgeous view, they rested up for the 8 mile loop on the afternoon's agenda. The weather had warmed some, and the water in Abby's Nalgene was gone halfway through the hike. Abby remarked later that all good parks should have water fountains along the trails, but evidently Indian Cave is not that advanced! Both hikers began to experience symptoms of dehydration. Abby said she got dizzy going up steep hills and dizzy when she sat down. She also said the map must have lied because that was a very long eight miles...much longer than eight miles should be! (that's because it was really ten)

They made it through the eight miles and some and headed back to the car. We saved them dinner, and they worked on their wedding vows that evening much to the amusement of Rachel and Hannah. But as the hour wore on, Abby began to fade and was finally good for nothing but bed so Caleb bid us "adieu" and left.

Abby summed up the day with a sigh, "We had a delightful time!"


Caleb and Abby said...

So there is only one "Indian Cave" I take it, Caleb!


Nicole said...

Awwww! Good 'ol Indian Cave! I grew up just a few miles from there! You're right... it's kind of a primitive-kind-of-state park, but I have so many good memories of those "Barada hills!" :o)