Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wedding Update

From the pages of The Grady News...

1. Invitations sent out
2. Music practice started
3. Order of Service designed
4. All Dresses for wedding done
5. 4 out of 8 Love and Respect videos watched
6. Domicile located
7. Wedding Slide Show completed
As you can read in this month’s edition of ‘The Grady News’ we have been busy wrapping up the summer, preparing to start school and planning for a wedding. Whoever thought that having a wedding a month after school started was a good idea should be shot! Oh whoops! That was me I guess :-) More wedding news below:
- Caleb received a whole bunch of Omaha Royals baseball tickets from his office so for the last couple weeks we’ve spent our date nights at the Rosenblatt Stadium soaking in the baseball atmosphere and enjoying some killer games!

- We’ve rented a downstairs apartment from a Christian couple the Beasleys know near downtown Omaha. It’s 20 minutes to Caleb’s work, a mile and a half to the library, Salvation Army and the Old Market. I’d better break out my walking shoes! We’ve set the moving date as the 3rd of Sept. (although I will be moving our kitchen on the first) Mom is looking forward to getting all of my boxes out of the garage :-) Caleb will be moving out of his house and batching it in the apartment until the wedding.
- We’d appreciate your prayers as we continue to plan and work towards the wedding. Please join us in prayer for the coming together of the small details, the weather, the leaves still being on the trees (they are a major decorating item) and that the ceremony would glorify God and be a blessing to those that come!

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Joel said...

Praying for you guys! Under 40 days now...