Thursday, August 23, 2007

Mr. Powers, the Opera Man

Mr. Powers, our beloved plumber, is also an operatic tenor and will be singing 'The Prayer' for the wedding with Anna Nelson. He came over the other night to shoot with Aaron and the Nelsons. After it got too dark to shoot, but not too late to leave, he came in the house to give us all a hard time! Since Anna was there and Mr. Powers at the same time, we badgered them until they agreed to try their song together. Anna put on her bridesmaid dress which was just finished that day, and we provided Mr. Powers with a bow tie to set the correct mood!

The song was lovely. It sent (good) chills down my spine! I would recommend coming to the wedding if only to hear them sing, and to see Mr. Powers in a suit and bow tie! That doesn't happen every day.

He got rather annoyed with the photographer and hid behind the words. He loves singing in Italian! It's a good thing he has Anna to translate!

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