Monday, August 13, 2007

God's direction for a car...

From the pages of Annette Beasley's prayer diary...the saga of purchasing Caleb's first car.

5/23 Thank You, Lord for Your direction last night for C&A in purchasing the 1997 Honda Accord. Your direction was incredible. We, Caleb, Anna and I looked at the '97 Geo Prizm @ 1730. Abby and Shelly met us there. It had issues with the rear windows, front door handles, cup holder and Abby didn't like it at all, but it seemed to be mechanically sound. Asking $3900; Caleb offered $3200 cash, but they wouldn't take it; they countered with $3300, Caleb countered with $3250; wouldn't take it so we walked away much to the delight of Abby, Anna and Esther, giggling away! We peered at a '96 Honda Accord with 181K miles, asking $4900, but Caleb didn't seem interested (plus someone else was test driving it)

I got a call right then from "Sam the Man" with the '99 Black Honda Civic, 100K miles. Said his "sold" deal fell through. Off A&C went. The rest of the party dispersed and I met them at Sam's house where we test drove this immaculate, mechanically sound, well maintained, fuel efficient hatch back. Asking price: $5400. Abby loved it, Caleb loved it, I thought it nearly perfect! We prayed, Lord, if this is Your will, move on Sam to accept our offer of $5K cash. He did not. C&A walked away peacefully accepting this as the hand of God. I was so proud/impressed with them and their faith. I walked away in disbelief that we were "letting this perfect car get away!" We went to our separate vehicles to head home.

No more than 5 minutes away, I received a call from Doug Guilliam saying the deal fell through on his '97 Honda Accord moments ago, and the car was back for sale. I thought, "Could this be from the Lord?" While on the line with this gentleman, a call beeped in. It was Rich with the '97 Honda Civic w/spoiler etc. and 6oK miles saying the car was now sold and no longer available. I got back to Doug on the other line saying, "I will call my son and get back with you." God had just answered the question in my mind, "What about the green spoiler?"

I called C&A, summarizing what had transpired. The hour was getting late, but when Caleb waited for my thoughts I said, "You pray for direction, when God opens a door you have to walk through it and see what happens." The timing was so perfect! I thought God had closed the door on the Prizm, the Black Honda Civic, the Sporty Green Spoiler Civic...double death of a vision! Now this opportunity lay before us. I gave Caleb the man's number and left the decision in his capable hands. Shortly thereafter, Caleb called and said, "We're meeting the guy at O.J.'s at 9:15." "I'll be there!" There we found a older aged gentleman with a luxurious, meticulously maintained, leather seat, remote start Honda Accord. Yes, it had 200K miles (mostly highway), but it was apparent that this vehicle was very well taken care of. We all piled in; C&A in front, Anna, Esther and I in the back. The man later commented, "That's the first time I have ever seen 5 people in that car." Not long after, we were all hooked! When Abby discovered the lighted visor mirror, the deal was sealed! Phil came over and gave his seal of approval. The asking price was $3500. Caleb offered $3100. "Absolutely not!" He was firm at $3500. Caleb accepted that and said, "We can go $3500." C&A went to his house, settled the transaction, received the title and headed to McD's @ 11:45 to celebrate with McFlurries. Anna, Esther and I broke our sugar fast to participate. Surrounded by high spirits and laughter, Esther said, "We should pray and thank God. We bowed our heads while seated on the red steel mesh chairs outside the closed McDonald's and Caleb prayed, "Thank You, God, for this car, Your direction and Your faithfulness." The next generation has seen the direction of a faithful God in their lives.

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