Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Gift Registries and Gift Ideas

The couple has been abundantly blessed by God with most of the things they will need to set up housekeeping. They will be renting a basement apartment from some dear folks that went to Bible school with Phil and Annette back in their younger years. Caleb will be taking up residence after Labor Day so correspondence can be sent to the following address:

Caleb Beasley
2917 Nicholas St. Apt. B
Omaha, NE 68131

What they would like most are gift certificates since they will probably have minimal storage for a year or so.

Gift Certificates

Tuesday Morning Store
Any Omaha grocery store
Joanns Fabrics
Bed, Bath and Beyond
Good Will

Other practical gift ideas would be

1. Stamps, envelopes, packing tape etc.

2. Sam's Club membership

3. Picnic basket with picnic things

4. Gift wrap center with storage box, wrap, tape etc...

5. NE State park, Neale Woods or Fontanelle forest yearly membership

6. Men's hair cutting items including scissors, razor, edge trimmer

The couple would also enjoy your input on no cost/low cost ideas for spending time together. If you have an idea or a favorite memory to share, please send them in any form you see fit. Cards, snail mail, email, BLOG comments...we'll see that they get them.

For those that enjoy purchasing gifts, the couple is registered at Sears and Walmart. Click the links below to see their online registries.





Chocolate is always an appropriate gift!

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Jacob said...

Hey, Caleb (& Abby I guess),

I got an idea for a romantic get-together on a shoestring: Go to McDonald's and share a water. :-D

It's about time you got something with an RSS feed; it's 2007, y'know! Seriously, though, it's a great site. I hope you keep it updated!

I'm praying for you guys. May the Lord bless and direct you.

Peace! --Jacob